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Fish 'n' Chip Babies

Babies born in some of the poorest areas of Africa are wrapped in newspaper, hence the name “Fish 'n' Chip Babies”, to keep them warm when mothers have no clothes for them so in addition to the jumpers/vests people are also knitting tiny beanies.

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Chip Shop Babies

The term ‘chip shop babies’ began when it was discovered that often new born babies mostly in developing countries arrived into this world and had no clothes to put on. As a result the newborns were wrapped in newspaper, just like a fish supper, to keep them warm.

News of this reached knitters up and down the UK who developed a simple vest pattern, with additional hat sometimes, which even a novice knitter could cope with. As a result tens of thousands of vests have been knitted and sent out to needy babies around the world.

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